The broadest authority on the market provides complete package policies on all classes of trucking. Individual analysis of each account allows difficult risks to find success in the program.
Specialty Auto
Not a truck for hire? If it has wheels and travels on public roads, it will fit in this program. We will also consider livery up to nine passengers if not in a congested urban area.
Repair Services
A complete package program for the repair of all trucks, truck tractors, trailers, contractor's equipment, and dry land marine. Covers shop exposures as well as work away from the premises.
Forest Products
We can write anything from high lead and helicopter logging to horse logging for GL, auto, contractor’s equipment and some property coverages. Logger's Broad Form is available.
Business Auto
A program for writing business auto for retail, wholesale and service operations.
Workers' Compensation
Our focus is mid-sized trucking operations where the driver has minimal interation with freight, e.g., dry van, pneumatics, bulk tankers, etc. Available in most western states.

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Business Auto


Cover more than just service vehicles, create a package that covers almost any type of vehicle hauling not-for-hire.

Business Auto


While coverage is available for service vehicles, policies may also include trucks and trailers used to move owned equipment.



Beyond fulfilling UIIA insurance requirements, compliance with many individual port contracts is also possible.


Soon you will be able to access your agency's statements, reports and insured information here. If eligible, you will also be able to set up and quote submissions in the on-line business auto program.


You want high quality, financially secure insurance products with the finest customer service in the industry. BUI's broad authority allows for flexible underwriting including:

  • Individual risk analysis
  • Rates based on mileage
  • All sizes and classes of transportation
  • Mixed operations
  • Package Policies