Agency Statement Billing

Bellingham Underwriters offers agency statement billing for all booked policy activity. Your office will receive monthly account statements by the 5th business day after closing for all items booked in the statement month.

All premiums that are billed/collected/premium financed by your agency for the Insured, and NET
premium is remitted to:

Bellingham Underwriters
1417 N State St.
Bellingham, WA 98225

Agency statement payments are due by the 15th of the current month after statement reconciliation.


NET premiums can be remitted to Bellingham Underwriters any time after the policy is bound without having to wait to reconcile your monthly agency statement for reconciliation/remittance.

Statement Credits:

Please be advised, for release of agency statement credits, all open items are to be reconciled by the agency accounting department and requires a written release request to Bellingham Underwriters to release open credits to either your agency or the finance company.  Once we receive a written release request from the agency accounting department, the net credit will be released within 10 business days.

Direct Billing

Direct Bill is available for all policies. Direct bill options are listed on the quote and must be clearly requested at the time of bind.*

Down payments are to be collected by your agency from the Insured and remitted to Bellingham Underwriters at the below address.  Alternatively, the Insured can remit the down payment  directly to:

Bellingham Underwriters
PO Box 261567,
Westbrook, CT 06126

The Insured will be direct billed for all premium installments.

Secure Online Payments (Down and Monthly Installments):

Online payments (gross premium) can also be made via secured direct bill access by either your agency or the Insured via Insured secured direct bill online access.  This service is available 48 hours after binding.  The site can be found at:

Agency Commission:

Your agency commission for all posted Insured payments in the current month will be remitted to your agency via US Mail by the 20th of the following month.

If you have any questions or concerns, please give our office a call at 360‐671‐0500 or email us at accounting@bell‐

*12 month rolling is the only billing option not available for the Lloyd’s Logging Program. 25% down and 35% down are the only available options for the Ambulance program.